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Sports Performance Enhancement
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Get A Functional Movement Screen, (FMS) evaluation, and analysis to be used to Prevent Injuries, Reduce Injuries, Improve Athleticism and Sports Performance Enhancement. FMS is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns and helps to allow the individual to understand where current weakness and movement restrictions are within there body.

Proteus Motion System

Creating an entirely new standard for personalized fitness and Physical Rehabilitation.

Personal Trainer Kirk Texeira

Kirk Texeira is a San Diego-based Personal Fitness Trainer with a proven track record of success in helping people achieve their fitness goals.

Get private instruction one on one, or in a group lesson of 3 to 6 people. In Our Gym, at Your Home or Your Favorite Venue. Corporate Wellness classes avaiable. In addition, Attend an incredible BOOTCAMP classes. Your Personal Trainer is ready to help you.

Kirk Texeira

B.Sc., MFT, CPT-NCCA, is a Nationally-Accredited Certified Personal Fitness Trainer & Certified Health Coach – Neuro-Performance Coach – Senior Olympic Gold Medalist.
Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certified.

Certified for Fitness SUCCESS

Certified Functional Movement Specialist Lll * ACE

Certified Health Coach * NFPT Master Fitness Trainer

Certified Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Instructor

Certified Fascial Stretch Specialist L3

Pain-Free Performance Specialist

Z-Heath Certified Professional

Functional Neurology of Pain Relief and Performance Enhancement.

TRX Sports Medicine Lll

USA Track & Field Coach

Proteus® Power

Tired of plateaus? Take your training to the next level with Workout with Kirk and the revolutionary Proteus® motion machine.

Proteus® delivers:

  • Unmatched data-driven insights: Track progress, identify weaknesses, and receive personalized training recommendations.
  • 3D resistance training: Mimic real-life movements for safer, more effective workouts.
  • Faster results: Train smarter, not harder, and see improvements in strength, power, and speed.

Workout with Kirk, your certified Proteus® trainer, will:

  • Craft a personalized program: Based on your goals and Proteus® data, Kirk will design a program to maximize your results.
  • Push you further: With expert guidance and motivation, you’ll break through plateaus and reach your full potential.
  • Help you move with confidence: Learn proper form and avoid injury with Kirk’s personalized coaching.
Our Services

Our Featured Services

These services can help you reach your fitness goals, whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve your balance, or prevent injuries.

Lose Weight With a Personal Coach

Personal Coach Kirk Texeira specializes in weight loss with overall conditioning and health coaching. I share with you all the secrets and tips I learned while I lost 105lbs and kept the weight off.

1-to-1 Personal Trainer For People With Heath Issues

We are a specialized fitness center, a healthcare institution in La Mesa, providing one-to-one services to people with health problems. 

5 Fitness Classes at Workout With Kirk in La Mesa

✅Great teacher and motivator
✅Licensed and nationally accredited fitness trainer
✅Helps clients achieve their goals through challenging, scalable workouts

Complete Functional Movement Screening

✅Physical therapy, a balanced training with the certified health coach
✅Build strength with a personalized program created based on a discussion of your health conditions and Functional Movement Screening

Post Physical Therapy

We work with clients to maintain activities of daily living. We help help maintain mobility or achieve greater mobility.

One-to-One Workout for Diabetics

✅personalized program
✅professional guidance to your goals
✅combination of aerobics & strength training as for healthy people
✅Kirk’s supervision for safety and best results

Join 50+ Session With A Certified Trainer

Experience Kirk’s MiniMax Method, which provides maximum results with least amount time and effort. It helps you look and feel younger. 

Fit for Sports

Fit For Sports - Get Functional Movement Screen

Get a functional movement screen, evaluation and analysis to be used to prevent and reduce Injuries, improve athleticism and sports performance

Proteus Motion Session

✅Unmatched data-driven insights: Track progress, identify weaknesses, and receive personalized training recommendations.
✅3D resistance training: Mimic real-life movements for safer, more effective workouts.

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Kirk’s Story

He started his career in the fitness world with Jack LaLanne’s in the 1980s promoting health and wellness in Los Angeles and Southern California area gyms. He has taught martial arts and fitness conditioning to thousands of clients including special needs children and adults. With several family members becoming disabled, Kirk, like many, let his physical conditioning deteriorate and he gained over 100lbs.

He has since lost the weight and is, once again, offering Profession Coaching & Training to others. He has an even greater appreciation now for the range of issues that stand in the way of good health and looks forward to sharing with you the insights and secrets he has learned. If you are looking for someone who is sympathetic, yet motivating enough to help you achieve your fitness goals, you’ve found him.

16 Years Morbid Obesity Survivor!  Start Now!

San Diego Fitness Trainer Workout with Kirk

Kirk Texeira is a Senior Olympic Gold Medalist, Licensed & Nationally-Accredited Personal Fitness Trainer, Neuro-Performance Coach in La Mesa

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