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Achieve Lasting Fitness Results with Kirk Texeira, Award-Winning Personal Trainer
Winner of the Gold Metal Award for Best Personal Trainer four years in a row (2019-2023)
Training For Balance-Vision-Fall & Injury Prevention
Strength & Conditioning-Quickness-Power-Cognitive Fitness
Weight Loss Expert
Certified Pain-Free Performance Specialist.
Gray Institute – Active Aging Specialist 2023

Kirk’s Story

He started his career in the fitness world with Jack LaLanne’s in the 1980s promoting health and wellness in Los Angeles and Southern California area gyms. He has taught martial arts and fitness conditioning to thousands of clients including special needs children and adults. With several family members becoming disabled, Kirk, like many, let his physical conditioning deteriorate and he gained over 100lbs.

He has since lost the weight and is, once again, offering Profession Coaching & Training to others. He has an even greater appreciation now for the range of issues that stand in the way of good health and looks forward to sharing with you the insights and secrets he has learned. If you are looking for someone who is sympathetic, yet motivating enough to help you achieve your fitness goals, you’ve found him.

16 Years Morbid Obesity Survivor!  Start Now!

San Diego Fitness Trainer Workout with Kirk

Kirk Texeira is a Senior Olympic Gold Medalist, Licensed & Nationally-Accredited Personal Fitness Trainer, Neuro-Performance Coach in La Mesa

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