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Get A Functional Movement Screen, (FMS) evaluation, and analysis to be used to Prevent Injuries, Reduce Injuries, Improve Athleticism and Sports Performance Enhancement. FMS is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns and helps to allow the individual to understand where current weakness and movement restrictions are within there body.

We identify where certain imbalances that are occurring to prevent or reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury. Information from the assessment can be used and incorporated into an exercise prescription or sports specific performance and a conditioning program. Resulting in performance enhancement, Better Movement Patterns. more explosive power, speed, quickness, balance and agility.

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Personal Trainer Kirk Texeira

The FMS is a quick and easy assessment that helps identify weaknesses and limitations in the way you move. This valuable information can be used to create a personalized exercise program designed to

Enhance your movement quality

Improve your overall performance

Reduce your risk of pain and injury

Don’t wait until you get hurt! Schedule your FMS evaluation today and take control of your movement health!

San Diego Fitness Trainer Workout with Kirk

Kirk Texeira is a Senior Olympic Gold Medalist, Licensed & Nationally-Accredited Personal Fitness Trainer, Neuro-Performance Coach in La Mesa

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