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Proteus provides a real-time report showing accurate measurements in power, imbalances, explosiveness, range of motion and many more that can be used to inform and back up critical training decisions.

With just a 5-10-minute test on Proteus, the performance insights help build the most efficient and hyper-personalized training program possible

Proteus® delivers:

The Proteus® motion machine represents a revolutionary approach to training. It uses 3D resistance training to mimic real-life movements, offering several advantages:

  • Personalized Experience: The Proteus® tracks your progress and tailors workouts to your specific needs and goals.
  • Reduced Injury Risk: The machine guides you through exercises, ensuring proper form and minimizing the risk of injury.
  • Data-Driven Insights: The Proteus® provides detailed data on your performance, allowing you to track progress and optimize your training.
  • Dare to Compare: Proteus will compare your power scores to the best athletes in the world at your sport, showing you exactly what and how we need to train you to improve.


Proteus® Motion Benefits Seniors

Looking to stay active and independent as you age? The Proteus® Motion machine can be a game-changer for seniors! Here’s why:

  • Low-Impact Workouts: Forget heavy weights and high-impact exercises. Proteus® offers safe, low-impact resistance training that’s gentle on your joints.
  • Improved Strength & Balance: Build muscle and improve balance, reducing your risk of falls and injuries—a major concern for seniors.
  • Personalized Training: No matter your fitness level, Proteus® tailors workouts to your needs, ensuring safe and effective progress.
  • Reduced Pain & Stiffness: Gentle movements can help improve flexibility and reduce aches and pains associated with aging.


3D Resistance™ mirrors every movement to provide constant resistance no matter what direction you move. But unless you are moving in a straight line, it is impossible for resistance from cable machines and free weights to stay constant throughout an entire movement.

San Diego Fitness Trainer Workout with Kirk

Kirk Texeira is a Senior Olympic Gold Medalist, Licensed & Nationally-Accredited Personal Fitness Trainer, Neuro-Performance Coach in La Mesa

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